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An additional layer of security and elegance for the modern home, intercoms help you control who enters your home and pairs well with any automatic gate system.

All Shapes & Sizes

There are intercoms to suite every need and application, here some options to think about when purchasing an intercom:

  • Audio or Video: Traditionally intercoms feature either audio-only, allowing for communication between the interior and exterior of a property as if speaking through a telephone landline; or alternatively, may feature both audio and video which allows users to see visitors through a camera on the gate-side panel while speaking to them.

  • Wired vs Wireless: Intercoms need to either be hard-wired meaning they need a cable between the outside panel and inside handset, or can operate via wireless signal between the two. Intercoms with wireless capability are usually more expensive then their wired counterparts, but can simplify installation and prevent necessary drilling and modifications to the customers home which may be required for wired units.

  • GSM or Cellular Intercoms: These intercoms operate using a mobile phone SIM card, and can dial your mobile phone when a visitor presses a button at the gate-side panel. This means that anywhere in the world where there is mobile signal, you could receive a call from the visitor at property and, if you desired, allow them access. This type of intercom also allows you to call it in order to open any gates/doors which are wired to it, providing more versatility with your automatic appliances.


An integral part of our lives in the modern world, when our phones don't work as intended it can be very frustrating. I offer repair and unlocking services for most modern brands of smartphones, and do so on a no-resolution no payment basis.

Have an issue with your phone?

Here are a few of the services I offer to any smartphone user:

  • Component-level repair: Don't throw away your phone before attempting to repair it. I offer a risk-free no fix - no fee service, and will inspect and assess your device for free.

  • Carrier-locked: Provided your device is no-longer in contract, I can unlock it for you so that you may use any carrier you like.

  • Non-essential replacements: Screen and battery replacements might not always be a necessity but they can improve the performance and experience of your device.


Whether you would like a custom-built desktop, a competent hand to repair a notebook that won't boot up or someone to setup high-speed home networks: look no further.

Need a custom desktop computer?

  • High-performance, lower price tag: Although modern notebooks offer a compelling portable alternative to the traditional desktop computer, if you need a rapid Video-Editing workstation or powerful Gaming/streaming machine: then a custom built desktop is likely to offer much better performance to cost.

  • Tailored to fit your needs: After establishing what you intend to need from your desktop, I will provide you with a detailed quote explaining exactly what you are paying for and why.

  • Quick Turn-around: Component stock pending, your custom PC will be assembled and ready-to-go within 72hours of receiving payment.

  • Quality Workmanship: I have been assembling desktop computers for over a decade, and have watched the change in trends and techniques closely, to ensure that when it is time to assemble your computer a combination of quality components and passionate work leave you with a product that does not disappoint.

Computer Stopped Working?

  • Professional Repair Service: Be it software or hardware issues, no problem is too small or big; I offer a comprehensive repair service for desktop and laptop computers.

  • Proud, Transparent Work: I will be sure to stipulate any and all works performed when fixing a problem, so you will know what you are paying for any why. A well done job leaves nothing to hide!

Need an Upgrade

  • Don't replace your old system just yet: sometimes an upgrade is on the cards, and it can be a more affordable and convenient option. More often the not, a user's experience with their desktop or notebook can be improved with a few software optimizations or hardware replacements.

  • SSD & RAM: two of the major "go-to" upgrades when looking to inject new life into your existing computer and get to do what you need it to more quickly. This sort of upgrade can be often be carried out in a matter of a few hours depending on your system and, depending on your requirements, may cost you as little as €100-00 including installation.

  • Software Optimization: Although not always likely to make a tremendous difference to performance, some older systems can receive noticeable benefit from regular software optimization; I offer a once-off service to conduct an optimization, and teach the user to do the same from then on.


Struggling to understand a new tablet or smartphone? Would you like to improve your digital privacy and security? Let me help.


Need help with your device?

  • With the pace modern technology moves, sometimes you can fall behind a bit. If your smartphone or tablet is not working as you feel it should, and you would like to find out why. Or you would like someone to walk you through using your new device, I offer this as an in-person service at a rate of €12-00 an hour.

  • There are many predatory people who use your ignorance to make a quick buck, and I appreciate that is a real concern for many people who might be interested in this service. I'll freely admit that many of the concepts or tasks I might help you with could be explained online for free, or even in the User Manual supplied with your device; but I offer this service because these options do not work for everyone.

  • Whatever your needs, I am here for patient and simple to help you make the most of your phone, tablet or computer.

Want to be more secure online?

  • I can set up for and guide you on using modern systems such as Virtual Private Networks, and help you become familiar with fundamental practices and concepts to make your online experience a safe one.

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