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Gate Automation Services


Are you thinking of having an automatic gate installed? See how the comprehensive, concise service I offer ensures you end up with the system you want while making sure getting there is as painless as possible.


Consultation & Quoting

  • I offer a free, no-obligation appointment to meet with you and discuss your requirements to get the ball rolling.

  • I work transparently and to a high standard, right from the start. My goal is to install a system that does what you'd expect. Any service I suggest or component I recommend can be justified in plain-spoken language, and I'd be happy to do so.

  • Once we're both clear on your needs moving forward, you'll receive a simple quote listing all the required labor, materials and any extra info you need to know. The price is firm for 30 days, no hidden fees further along.

Our Approach to Installation

Simple, Convenient & Reliable: the three embodiments of the systems I install.

  • Simple: you need to learn as little as possible to use your system.

  • Convenient: you only have to do as much as you'd like to open your gates, from entering a keypad code to using remote controls in your car.

  • Reliable: so that you can depend on your gates to open, whether late at night or in the middle of a storm. 

After-sales Care & Maintenance

Systems I install benefit from a dedicated after-sales service: I am the other end of an email or phone for anything to do with your gates.

  • All systems I install are supplied with user manuals and documentation, ensuring you always have guidance to hand.

  • Before commissioning a new installation, I provide a full orientation to get you up to speed with all the relevant aspects of using and interacting with your new system.


Gate stopped working? No problem.

No Obligation Call-out

  • If you are a non-commercial customer and your gate has stopped working, I offer free on-site assessment, and only charge for the fuel/travel to your premises: generally €25.00 + IVA per hour driving.

  • Once the issue has been identified, I will either offer you a price to fix your system there and then or, in the event of the fix requiring parts or more extensive labor, provide a formal quotation for your approval within 24h.

  • I prefer to practice with total transparency and am happy to let you know exactly what I'm doing whenever asked, because it's your system and you have a right to know.

An Ethical Approach to Repair

  • Why pay more, only to create more electronic waste? So long as it is in your interest, I will only advise you to replace what is necessary.

  • I offer component level repair; which means you might not have to replace an entire motor or circuit board, but only small electronic or mechanical components contained within.

  • Sometimes it is in your best interest to totally replace older components, or ones with substantial water damage; and in these instances I would not advise that repairs be attempted.


Regular Maintenance is Crucial

  • Most manufacturers of gate automation recommend regular maintenance every six months, subject to the amount of use the system gets.

  • I personally recommend and offer an annual service contract for most domestic systems which involves one, hour-long session for inspection and maintenance.

  • This service offers you peace of mind that your system is operating at is best both in terms of safety and efficiency, as parts of the system are inspected, lubricated and "tweaked" where necessary.

  • A comprehensive document is provided on completion of a service which features a checklist of all works carried out in relation to the service, and will list any points of recommendation or caution.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

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